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To play is to recognize the inner workings of intuition in "Quantum Art'.


Welcome to my artistic journey into the 'bio - sonic' realms of a quantum coherent aesthetic of color energy.

David McCullough's Quantum Way Aesthetic

The Quantum Way


  My main reason for developing a 'Quantum Art' agenda for a multi - media approach to creating artworks is to find alternative processes, tools, and systems that can maximize my physical, mental, and soul- spirit potential. By using this potential throughout my biophysical 'water-being ' (we are all made of 70% water), I can increase my conscious use of 'quantum coherence'  and hand-heart coordination of the actual performance of my art program and all related systems. In this respect I have adapted into my quantum coherent  aesthetic a 'cybernetic' approach to my  creative explorations of consciousness. Insights from many disciplines have been adapted and used to manage the flow of Q -Way learning experiences in accord with new possibilities for the  creation of artworks that dissolve academic boundaries and art speak- dogmatic principles. 

The 'Q -Way' flow of all created information then can be used to ultimately 'remaster' many years of art making and transform relative concepts, visual metaphors, and methods into a new recorded quantum art. These new quantum re-enforced principles can now operate from an intuitive heart - centered  connection to my water- being and all the intelligent forces that are coordinated through it. 

This new qualified and quantified 'Quantum Way' aesthetic can energize all my creative processes and revive an intellectual, holistic, and emotional way of making meaningful new art works. Each exploration into new aesthetic discoveries the 'Quantum Way' unlocks my curiosity  about a world of new opportunities to use audio visual vibrations, color, music, and poetry to map and navigate a synthesis of many new discoveries. These insights have enlivened my consciousness and ability to communicate through art both analog and digital technology.  

Information from natural phenomena collected from my watercolor field experiences to southwestern national parks have helped in synthesizing relationships to a full range of cosmological cycles that have assisted my reconstruction of newly imagined creations. 

By mapping a collective flow of new resources I have expanded the coherent quantum potential of all my biophysical processes into a cosmological openness. My painting, sculpture, and poetic works on paper can now profit from every infusion of the energy of love and creative intelligence in my life. 

All the creative cycles available to me in my community are welcome into this process of making 'Quantum Art' and its healthy, enjoyable foundation for an intelligent and spiritual participation in a "Gaia Poesis". 

Career Information


I was educated and taught by my family to appreciate art, music, poetry, science and technology in New England (Springfield and Boston) from 1948 - 1968.

I studied art in Boston from 1963 - 65 before being activated into active duty in the U.S. Navy. As a Navy Corpsman during Vietnam War conflict from 1966 -68, I was exposed to the trauma of war and medical service of my orthopedic patients. I still found time off duty to translate these experiences into paintings, sculpture, and drawings.

In 1968 - 70, I studied painting and printmaking (also summer programs at the  Aspen School of Contemporary Art and U. of Michigan) at the Kansas City Art Institute.

 In 1970, I worked doing labor and welding all summer with an Ohio sculptor and crew building an organic concrete house near Lake Erie. That Fall I spent a brief semester at the newly formed Cal Arts in Burbank,Ca. working on a M.F.A. degree and working on 'Happenings"- performance art with Allan Kaprow and Dick Higgins before deciding to leave and begin my professional studio career in Dallas,Texas. 

Since 1970, I have been a professional multi - disciplinarian painter - sculptor, installation, and audio (electronic music) -video performance installation artist. I was the last Texas artist to receive first prize in painting at the Dallas Museum of Art biennial in 1972.

!9976 I taught painting and performance art at the Santa Fe Summer Art School and was artist in residence in music and art at the Western Washington State University in Bellingham, Wa.. 

I worked on electronic music - video performance installations and rituals in many forms in and out of my Dallas studio from 1970 - 1982.  In 1989 I painted in the Australian outback of Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory and was artist in residence at the Phrahan Art School in Melbourne, Australia in their painting dept. , as well as a multi - media lecturer at art schools throughout the state of Victoria in 1991.

 I have exhibited in over 75 one - person exhibitions in galleries, art centers, and museums nationally in a international art gallery in Germany.   I have completed Artist in Residency painting and research programs in Melbourne, Australia, Osnabruck, Germany, and Rishikesh, India.

My artworks in all mediums have been collected nationally by major corporations, public collections, museums and by private collectors.

!995 I was the first Texas Artist to receive an Adolph Gottlieb award for twenty years of excellence in painting, as well as the Moss Chumley award in painting from the Southern Methodist U., Meadows Art Museum.

In 2005, I returned to college and received a M.F.A. degree in 2007 in Art and Technology from UT at Dallas. My scholarly research of 'Quantum Art', music, art, and poetry interests continued there and culminated in 2016 with a M.A. in Humanities; Aesthetic Studies. 

I am currently living and creating artworks in all mediums in Dallas, Texas, where I am actively involved in a quantum art re - mastering program I created to rediscover new ways of applying art making processes, materials, technology, and influences in music, art, and poetry to painting, sculpture,ceramics,and works on paper. I am also writing a book on Quantum Art and the re - mastering process. The affects of these processes are on both of my websites.

Contact me for more specific biographical insights and information pertaining to bio - sonic color energy studies of 'Quantum Art' .

Quantum Quests


The re - mastering project I created has introduced me to new  'review mirror' quests. I now have a  renewed interest in the mythological works of Joseph Campbell, especially 'The Return of the Hero' stories. Readings in the science of Quantum physics, biophysics, crystallography, and music history that all generate new insights into ways of examining the importance of the movement of energy forces, consciousness, and my total participation in the creative processes of my whole coherent biophysical nature. All my artworks are literally performed to musical sonic information from musicians from all over the world and all genres.

I often will structure the water used in my water based technological art materials to enhance its molecular  properties and improve the  alchemy of my mixed media acrylic polymer formulations and color applications.  Sacred geometry, crystallography, and the application of meditative practice has elevated the use of consciousness in all levels of participation in the quantum art making process. 

This approach to ordering creative energy through my water - being essence has been fluid, dynamic and trans-formative.  It has opened new realms of artistic and self discovery that has made art making, play filled, and color energized. My nature adventures into new national parks, where I can research the energy of plants, water, and the geological order of these places has been equally significant. The studies of the  synchronization of color and sound, and their relationship to water - color -sonic perspectives has added new  values to their quantum coherent potential use in my paintings, sculpture, and works on paper. The 'flow factor' and transforming qualities of the watercolor and drawing mediums mediums into elevated realms of a sonic creative consciousness and intuitive  recall is needed to sustain these discoveries into an entrainment with future studio creations. The captured on site aesthetic quantum activities are important to the maintenance of a harmonic balance in future artworks and their sonic musical  color vibrations.  

In order to map and navigate new artistic applications of materials, processes, and systems in painting, sculpture and works on paper, I introduced new language terms like 'collaging', to activate the imagination and the discovery of new processes. Recorded music sounds from the fields of Jazz, rock, and world music  vibrate and instill into my bio-physical nature a greater sense of the global harmonic values  and their coherent use in formulating a color consciousness that energizes the  creative performance execution capabilities and flow  of new acrylic polymer paint color chemistry applications.  All musical sound vibrations excite the heart rhythms and the total aesthetic expression of being and aliveness, as well as an elevation of the meaning and purpose of a quantum aesthetic.  

The 'Free Jazz' and 'Harmolodics' of Ornette Coleman is of importance due to its free form improvisational nature and its similarity to my use of color in all mediums, as well as the music I love by Sergio Mendez, Santana, Gato Barbiari, Jimmy Smith, and many others.

Watercolor field trips throughout the national park system of the southwest has been an unequaled inspirational force in the development of my 'Quantum Way' approach to art making. 

My recent return to the mountains and canyon streams of Colorado and Rocky National park has again renewed  through watercolor painting and drawing, nature's psychic importance in the development of a strong intuition. These field trips that involve hiking, recorded musical synchronization, and meditation are the foundation of all quantum way media quests.


Quantum Way Art Series Content

A Description of the DM Quantum - Way Art Series:

Quantum Way Art series sampler is an exploration of the power of the quantum coherent use of color, sonic geometry, and natural phenomena : This is a visual account of some of the prime examples of my fine artworks of different media combinations in each painting, mixed media, and works on paper series from !970 - 2018. 

These series are listed in chronological order; the first recent sample selections include the Gaia Poesis series that explores through 'collagaing', a term I coined to extend into verbal action the many materials, systems, and processes that 'Quantum Art' can enfold for artistic purposes, meaning, and spiritual awakening to new aesthetic potential; 'Return of the Hero', large scale sonic color fields with overlapping  lyrical tubular line forms; 'Gaia Sonic Entrainment', a tactile textural ceramic and mixed media 'collaging' experiences with colored tubular drawings in a crystallographic compositional formate; the 'Cosmological Cycle' acrylic, mixed media paintings from the 80's and 90's that reflect the watercolor - drawing- and sonic field work from travels to national parks throughout the southwest,USA, Australia, and India. They also include an extensive study of sacred geometry, physics of color optical properties, crystallography, geology, all musical formats, with an emphasis on all jazz musical approaches from Rock, World and all Jazz sounds. 

My field work  represents my natural phenomena interests, the sacred energy in the arts, rituals, and environments of native people throughout the world and the synchronization of these high conscious connections to my musical studies. 

Quantum Art is a way in which I have been able to expand the consciousness of all my life experiences and collage them together in various combinations with the use of  acrylic polymer chemistry, color, music, and the poetry embedded in my field watercolors, drawings, and photographs. All the mediums in these series are a combination of acrylic formulas, mixed mediums from art supply manufacturers, industrial architectural supplies, commercial printing processes, and ceramic suppliers. My 'Quantum Art' sonic expressions in all these media combinations represent years of color energy experiences in nature and in my studio environment in direct accord with musical medium listening experiences. My art is visual jazz.    

The 2000 acrylic, mixed media,digital collage, paintings and ceramic energy totems series are a Quantum Art  creative expression of 'Gaia Poesis' - a audio-visual sonic vibration exploration of a central iconography theme that through painting, digital printing, and  'collaging'. This approach is meant to expanded the visual experience of the artworks into a computational demonstration of  color energy, magnetic field synchronicity, 'sphericity' (my word) entrainment, music harmony,and produce a living poetry that  effectively changes our visual comprehension of the aesthetic consciousness of a painting experience. 

 Quantum consciousness is the exploration of our creative capabilities to express our total biophysical being, our quantum awareness of a vast range of possibilities that can increase our creative consciousness, especially our intuitive soul-spirit nature and its connections to all life forms on our planet and those in our local universe. Each use of a media consciousness and their many processes and systems allows us the opportunity to participate and expand our knowledge of what creativity expression can be and how it can communicate our heart felt emotions through the energy of color vibrations to other people. 

Each new combination of the 'collaging' concept presents us with the challenge of re-mastering our aesthetic journey in a more holistic, harmonic, and meaningful way. 

Icons have been interpreted by many to represent ideological concerns of some of our most cherished institutions but they have not often enough been placed in a broader cosmological aesthetic context in painting where they can be re-evaluated as a universal spirit form, whose content can be seen as a force of a greater magnitude and a 'Gaia' Poetic' entrainment harmonizer.  

The 'Return of the Hero' series  was initially begun in 1971 to honor the literary writings of Joseph Campbell's Mythology works, Carl Jung's psychological explorations into 'Man and his Symbols', and the design and mathematical exploits of Buckminister Fuller. This triad of great teachers was the structural inspiration for the dynamic scale, coloration, and geometrical introduction into the what I call, the "physics of knowing" and the journey down the inner rabbit hole of intuitive learning concerning the synthesis of color and sound energies. 

This series was intentionally made in an architectural scale for use in large spaces. The geometrical use of a hyper-cube space was a reference from studies in Mineralogy related to the mathematics of crystals. I decided to make up a practical spatial matrix that I called a , "Crystallogram". This geometrical structural approach was the lineal spatial dimension configured for the figuaral represenative of the 'Hero' from the each Campbell myth interpretation. It was overlaid onto the mopped on planar field of colors, which were supposed to symbolically represent the psychological conflicts of the hero figure in his unconscious field of transformation. Each myth had its own hero journey and cultural context, which allowed me to interpret each story within a new context to the geometry -field conflict in each painting. The colored planar contrasts were derived from my travels in nature and worked out with watercolor and oil pastel on paper. Each series that is presented on this site has been developed in the same manner. As the painting series evolved the geometry of the  "crystallogram" changed the audiovisual compositions of the paintings.  

In the mid-1970's, a "stereogram" drawing was invented for practical purposes for the application of textural mediums on the flat horizontal surface of a sculptural low wall relief and the placement of drawn symbols. It allowed me to navigate the low relief surface and locate the under painted geometric shapes and uncover them. Once these painted geometric shapes became connected to the surface tecture composition then the symbolic drawing could be drawn directly into this medium. After these two procedures were done then acrylic tubular line drawings were made into the textured surface that were sighted from those previously drawn into the charcoal 'drawing-stereogram'. Jazz, rock, and world music were collaged in sequence to assist in the wet to wet surface performance of mediums. This process also was used on the surfaces of the 3D sculptures.

In 1980 - 90's the Mysterious Traveler Cosmological Cycle series explored the geometry - music - performance synthesis in a crystallographic spatial matrix with multitude of color formulas that were  derived from my watercolor field trips to the 'four corners' western states. Each visit to the U.S. outback has inspired a new use for the synthesis of mathematics, color chemistry, and the magic of music in my abstract art compositions.

Australian Dreamtime Experience


In 1989 I took a watercolor - drawing - photography -sonic field trip to Australia's  Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park to paint, study their geological sites, and most of all view the Aboriginal rock paintings. This life altering experience and discussions with women Aboriginal artists about their 'Dreamtime' nature relationship opened up new aesthetic challenges in regard to my watercolor crystallographic field work at U.S. national parks in the southwest, studies of pictographs of the Native American cultural past at sacred sites. My return to Melbourne, Australia in 1991 with my whole family, as an artist in residence at Prahran art school gave me a chance to examine my multi-cultural Eastern art aesthetic interests, remaster my paintings and works on paper to set goals for new crystallographic approaches to all mediums, especially the watercolor and collage works on paper and their audiovisual synthesis. Starting in 1992 my Dallas studio paintings were transformed into multi-panel large scale acrylic, mm, works that reflected my Aboriginal cultural experiences. I then began to develop an overall textural crystallographic multi-dimensional colored surface.  These geological surface transformations continued throughout the 90's art works and their layered, multi-dimensional optical and quantum perspective of multiple perspectives became more dynamic as the musical audio-collaging matured.

The recorded musical 'collaging' connected me in new psychic ways to the nature sites and energized both the field work and studio execution. The Dallas studio paintings were all coordinated by jazz, soul, and world music sounds that were very percussion, horn, and native instruments that would force me to perform them differently each time, wet to wet within the drying time of the acrylic formulas, along with the addition of, different tools, paint material formulas, and dynamic range of acrylic and metallic colors. 

Since 2015, the newly titled. "Gaia Sonic Entrainment series" has maintained an art making performance consciousness directed by  audio-collaging, under painted multiple layers of images, additional mixed media smaller ceramic paintings, crystallographic geometry including spheres, acrylic textures, colorful tubular line drawings from my field trip sketchbooks.

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Life of a Quantum Artist

Quantum Artist Statement



For fifty years my 'Quantum' paintings, sculpture, and all works on paper have been concerned with capturing nature's light energy , color, and geological crystalline Geomancy.  I have been using an audio visual approach to exploring Her mysterious complexities through field trips and studio work. My quantum art is multi - disciplinary.. It consists mainly of nature field research and originating creative innovative uses for all mediums in conjunction with studies of the disciplines of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Crystallography,  Geology, Physics, Bio - physics, Mythology,, and Music, art, and poetry. I have also been practicing Transcendental meditation since 1969.

I have made watercolor field trips to   National Parks throughout the Southwestern U.S.A., mostly in the  ‘canyon circle’ area of the Four Corners area (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado ), as well as parks in India and Australia, notating their seasonal color, rhythmical poetic spirit, textures, and geological rock formations. These journeys also brought me face to face on my hikes with Native American and Australian Aboriginal Cultural history in the form of petroglyhs and pictographic stories. These visual encounters have deeply enriched my painting application of materials and the poetics of my own story telling. The main objective of the field watercolor painting and musical collage interface with natural phenomena was to explore on site nature's colorful holistic psyche, resonate through a variety of musical sounds and  emotions with its geomantic crystalline order, and sacred geometrical properties. The mineralogical properties of color pigment and their earth formed geometry has assisted me in ordering the entrainment process; along with quartz crystals. The mediums of watercolor, drawing, poetry, photography and music are the foundation stones of quantum studio compositions. I have used these nature insights to instill into my Taoist vision of art a special geometrically ordered sacred quality of coloration that best describes her spirit and holistic character.  My comparative studies of the Earth's holistic psyche and its geological spirit in our ecosystem, as well as my painting experiences at Aboriginal rock painting sites in Australia and sacred Native American sites throughout the Southwestern outback, have energized my artistic pursuit of creative quantum ways of using the holistic earth energy rhythms, plant consciousness, the mineral kingdom, and all of nature's  magnificent color processing systems in my artworks. 

 My ethnographic studies of the sacred nature and the cultural operating systems of the Native American and Aboriginal rock painting traditions,  their Dreamtime stories, and rituals have been truly transformative.  My sketchbooks are full of a collection of nature studies, poetry, and graphic depictions that are a constant reminder of my field experiences. These references are the quantum incentives that spark creative consciousness and have given an informed context and content to the multiple layered imagery,  alchemy, and audiovisual color resonance of my sonic expressive abstractions. In addition, these artworks also generate many micro - macro cosmological insights. 

I have always used water based art mediums to paint and express my 'water- being' human (we are 70% water consciousness) nature. I have always painted my watercolors on the ground at each nature site, to feel and generate from their holistic earth forces, beneath and around me, vibrating resonance fields of energy that when combined with the recorded musical information would generate new heart and hand rhythmical sensations that could enhance my quantum coherent participation in the expressive  magic of watercolor painting and visual entrainment with the forms and processes of a nature site. The musical sounds and the instruments (many crafted from earth and animal materials) from cultures all over the world, especially American Jazz, created in me an intuitive ability to freely express spontaneously in accord with their passion and musical knowledge of rhythmical sequences and spacing, pure expressions of a harmonic balanced spirit filled synthesis of both . 

These talented musicians and their instrumental sonic resonance have assisted me in feeling, expressing, and interpreting through my eyes, ears, and primarily the heart, nature's sacred colorful ordering systems, and its rhythmical lyrical psyche. These cultural and nature infused audio - visual insights are embedded with a cosmological significance and a soulful spirit energy. These color filled contemplative artworks from each nature site reflect the poetic  sacred holistic vibrations from our Mother Earth and her divine geological and botanical micro/macro spirit world. 

The aesthetic character of my journeys into the intuitive world of my inner 'sanctum sanctorum' is grounded in nature, sonic musical vibrations, and fifty years of knowledge of the 'physics of color energy'.   I have woven into the poetic color cosmology, patterns of Geomantic order, a diverse contrast of cultural aesthetic sensibilities, that playfully generate throughout each artwork's color energy fields a spirit of lyrical harmonic optimism.  I have cross referenced through this aesthetic 'play,' a transformation of knowledge from all the science disciplines into  quantum coherent insights into how music, art, and poetry can interact and represent new dimensions of our creative potential, thus creating artworks that  reorder and map out new states of consciousness for our viewing pleasure. 

Art Mediums and Processes

Quanta:"Spectral Entrainment" A, MM, Ceramic Collage

As a multi - disciplinary 'Quantum' artist I use many different mediums to formulate the color chemistry and the physics of its optical nature and expressive qualities in my painting, sculpture, watercolor, collage, ceramics, and digital mixed mediums.  The medium of music (Jazz, rock, and world) is always used to assist me exciting my quantum potential and soul spirit. The process of listening and acting in accord with various mediums is something I have always done to be totally integrated in the creative process. For me, this interaction with sound and color energy, is about the 'performance' of your true self- being in accord with a deep sense of respect for your intuition. The 'Quantum Way' is the creative processing of your true biological nature and its many levels of an intelligent flow of consciousness. The performance of this intelligence through music, art materials, in a poetic aesthetic manner must come from the heart first. The manner in which the material realm of the artworks speak has to resonate through the spirit of coloration and a depth of rhythmical sensibility for the graceful power of gestural expression of your intentions. 

 Each discipline calls for the creation of different materials, chemistry, processes, and techniques that allow for the maximum degree of participation of one's artistic abilities. I was also trained as a print-maker, so I have learned to use the commercial print resources in my community, as well as other industrial resources, to translate one medium to another and construct new combinations for new quantitative explorations of mediums that can evolve beyond academic boundaries and categorization.   Probing for new uses to process color energy through music, art technology, and poetry in my quantum artworks is my main creative objective.  Color synthesizing of new combinations of mediums through sound vibrations is the heart path my artworks are riding on.  Like 'Free Jazz' my art relies on improvisation to inspire its aesthetic potential and soulful presence. 

The Quantum Way


 Introduction to Quantum Art Aesthetic mapping of creative consciousness:  This is a personal aesthetic quest to find the meaning of spirit and soul in my art making processes and the basis of the creative consciousness that inhibits them. This search for an understanding of the intuitional basis of my art has led me to construct metaphorical relationships that have the ability to expand the dynamic qualities of creativity and widen the field of new discoveries. My aesthetic navigational need to travel back in time or the 'taking of the quantum leap ' backward allowed me to challenge many of the conceptions of how I had retained the conscious awareness I was born with and into through the lives of my parents, place of birth, and cultural heritage.  By using the 'navigational' metaphor I could develop a 'mapping strategy' to discover what were the important effects of life connections I had inherited. This process of mapping became a way of using it to as a metaphor to explore the question, "what is the meta - for? in order to keep the big creative picture in focus. I took the mapping metaphor into play with my need to navigate the cultural avenues, influences, and aesthetic pathways and gave it a M.A.P. identity that its letters represented a cultural formula of M for music, A for art, and P for poetry. These three art forms became the beginning of my cultural navigation of creative consciousness. This triad was expanded to the research also of connections in other disciplines such as the science of epigenetic,  biology, biophysics, physics, ecology, chemistry, sacred geometry and water  research. The M.A.P. strategy and use of a wide range of insights from the sciences directed me to the people, places. and technology needed to further my search for new ways of processing creative intelligence.  This knowledge is for creative individuals who would like to expand their horizons and trust their intuitional sense of awareness. each artist must map out and navigate their own strategy and processes of creative discovery. I was eventually led by these mapping methods after many years of exploring to the realization that the insights I came to embrace from them, nature and the teachings of physicists and biophysicists needed to be solidified into an aesthetic approach that had depth, fluidity, and one key element that would keep my search for the use of creative consciousness quantitatively coherent, water.   

Quantum Art Exhibitions and Sales

Future Exhibitions

May 17, 2018 - Dallas St. Matthew Episcopal Cathedral Art Gallery  Retrospective - all mediums Opening reception 6 - 8 pm, Ross Ave

Fall 2018 - DM Art Studio Exhibit of new paintings, sculpture, collage, watercolor, and ceramic mixed mediums

Fall 2018 - Private Dallas Art Dealer, Marie Park sales of Australian Outback Improvisation Series - Watercolors

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