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Quantum Painting, Sculpture, Watercolor, Collage

David McCullough Paintings, Sculptures, Watercolors, Collage

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Quantum Artist David McCullough

Artist Statement

For the past forty five years my paintings, sculpture, and works on paper have been concerned with describing the phenomenon of light in nature from an audio - visual perspective. I have hiked and created art in National Parks throughout the U.S.A., especially the Southwest ‘canyon circle’ area of the Four Corners area (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado )parks notating their seasonal color changes and geological formations. I have used these field trips in the National Park system to explore and notate nature's colorful holistic psyche and geological spirit through the mediums of watercolor, drawing, and photography. These notations are the foundation stones of all my abstract studio compositions. I have used these nature insights to instill into my Taoist vision of art a special quality of coloration that best describes her spirit and sacred character.  I have made many comparative studies of the Earth's holistic psyche and its geological spirit in our ecosystem, as well as rock painting sites. for example, the Australian Northern Territory outback, where I made watercolors, drawings, and photographs at sacred Aboriginal sites in Kakadu National Park in the Arnhem land with my field notations from Southwest U.S.A. national parks in the 'Four Corners' region, where I recorded the holistic earth energy rhythms at Native American sacred sites. My ethnographic studies of the sacred nature of the Native American and Aboriginal traditions and their stories, as well as their pictographic rock art depictions have informed the imagery and chemistry of my abstractions in many ways. I always paint on the ground at each site directly to music from cultures all over the world, especially American Jazz. My fellow musicians have assisted me in feeling, expressing, and interpreting through the watercolor medium nature's sacred colorful ordering systems in a sonic lyrical manner. These influential audio - visual insights have infused all my studio art works with a cosmological significance and special color filled sonic energy. All my studio art works reflect the poetic recordings of these sacred locations and their geological and botanical micro/macro spirit world. The poetic nature of these feelings, aesthetic character of the field art works, and musical insights are all woven into the patterns, geomantic order, and compositions of all my art works in every combination of mediums. I have cross referenced knowledge from mythology, the earth sciences (mineralogy, crystallography, and sacred geometry), quantum physics and bio - physics with music, art, and poetry sources in order to map out new states of consciousness I can use to process new alchemical color medium systems. These science and nature insights have empowered my art works with a dynamic visual - sonic presence  My most recent painting adventure was in Northern India, Rishikesh and their Northern Himalayan mountain ranges, where I recorded the Hindu cultural operating system and experienced their 'Diwalli Festival of Light'.  .

New Quantum Art Works

My latest Quantum art works consist of acrylic, photo collage, and printed watercolor imagery from my outback field trips. They feature icons like the Grizzly bear, an endangered species and religious deities from many cultures that I have encountered from my journeys through out the Southwestern states, Australia, India, and Europe.

These new art works are focused on the use of color and are performed to recorded music by Jazz, Rock, and World musicians in the field and in my Dallas studio. 

All my current Quantum mixed media art works utilize acrylics, ceramics, vinyl collage images and industrial acrylic materials, accept the watercolor and collage works on paper series.

They contain insights into my multi - disciplinary research in the fields of quantum physics, chemistry, alchemy, crystallography, mathematics, geology, sacred geometry, music, art history, and poetry.

They generate an exciting interaction of tactile textures, colors, symbols, and lyrical gestures that can make the spirits of the soul dance. 

My quantum art has been involved with the use of consciousness in a creative coherent way that attempts to exhibit the experiences I've had in the world of nature and its relevance to all the forces of our cosmological cycles.  I have directed my creative conscious potential through music, art, and poetry into the mediums of painting, sculpture, watercolor and collage, as well as many combinations of them all. 

Please take the time to experience my creative adventures into the world of Quantum art on line and in person. 

Collectible Affordable Art

I have an extensive fifty year inventory of art in four mediums in my Dallas studio, which is one of the most contemporary collections in the southwest. The variety  and thematic compositions in this collection of art works have been collected and enjoyed by people in businesses of all kinds, public places, ex., the Johnson Dallas Library, private collections throughout the U.S., Australia, and Europe, and art centers - museums in the U.S.. 

Many art institutions have acknowledged the excellence of my art works by featuring them in exhibitions and awarding them grant stipends. Even though these praises are well founded, I have tried to maintain a price range for all my art works that is reasonable and respectful for all the time and research that has gone into making them important to our cultural society.

My family and I have tried to keep those who have invested in my art up to date on my progress and exhibitions. 

We are thankful for the support and  hope more people will discover the enjoyment and quantum coherence my art works represent. 

Quantum Coherence

Ceramic Paintings

Each ceramic painted unit is a vision of possibilities of uses for extended color compositions in other painting mediums, printing, and photographic explorations.

These 24" x 24" and 48" x 24" units can be installed in any number of groups as is for residential use or enlarged on panels for architectural projects - interior or exterior.


An exciting new concept that allows the processing of watercolors, acrylics, printed photographic information to be combined on paper and/or extended to other print media potential that then can be processed through other mediums. Cycles of revolving histories of your development and explorations, discoveries of these cycles beyond their formal artistic usage.

Quantum Aesthetic

It is my goal to use the power of the hydro - logical cycle to process the use of water based acrylic polymer technology to explore my 'water being' and all natural color phenomena. 

To climb the creative mountain of possibilities and take the 'Quantum leap' is to venture into the inner qualities of being and becoming. I'll be using the power of musical instrumentation and the music of the spheres to transport me to other dimensions of creative consciousness. Please join me on this journey through the wonderful mysteries of art. 

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