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To play is to recognize the inner workings of intuition.

David McCullough's Aesthetic

The Quantum Way

  The main reason for developing a 'Quantum Art' agenda for a multi - media approach to art making is to find alternative ways of using all the biophysical aspects of quantum coherence and consciousness to evolve creative potential. This creativity then can be used to ultimately 'remaster' the use of one's  creative history and apply that knowledge to the making of new art works. Each exploration into new aesthetic discoveries the 'Quantum Way' unlocks a world of  new opportunities to use creative intelligence on all levels of being to communicate  through art and technology, music, poetry and nature a full cosmological cycle of newly imagined creations. By mapping a collective flow of our quantum potential, important aspects of creative consciousness is unfolded into a better understanding of natural phenomena; all forms of material technologies; scientific knowledge in the fields of  biology and biophysics; quantum physics, water research; and all other science disciplines. This 'quantum water being' cycling of our creative potential becomes a healthy foundation for an intelligent and spiritual participation in the arts.   

Career Information

I was educated to art, music, poetry, science and technology in New England (Springfield and Boston) in the 1960's.

Active duty U.S. Navy Corpsman during Vietnam War conflict from  1966 -68.

I received my B.F.A. degree in painting and printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1970.. A brief semester at Cal Arts and onto a professional studio career in Dallas,Texas. As a multi - disciplinarian painter - sculptor  exhibited in over 70 one - person showings  nationally and internationally. Artist in residency programs in Melbourne, Australia, Germany, and Rishikesh, India.

Art works in all mediums have been collected by major corporations, museums and private collectors.

New M.F.A. degree in 2007 in Art and technology from UT at Dallas and in 2016 a M.A. in Humanities; Aesthetic Studies from UT at Dallas.

I am currently involved in the research of a book on Quantum Art and the re - mastering of my art making processes, materials, technology, and influences in music, art, and poetry.

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Quantum Quests

Re - mastering my body of art works has taken me on new and past 'review mirror' quests. I have a renewed interest in the mythological works of Joseph Campbell, especially 'The Return of the Hero' stories. Other readings in the science of Quantum physics, biophysics, crystallography, are an examination of the importance of the element of water and its use in the chemical restructuring of the alchemy of the acrylic polymer technology, sacred geometry, and consciousness in my composition synchronization of color and sound.  

To map and navigate new surfaces I have been collecting and recording new music alliances in the field of Jazz, rock, and world that can assist my performance and execution of the chemistry of my quantum aesthetic practices in painting, sculpture,ceramics and works on paper and their various combinations. The 'Free Jazz' and 'Harmolodics' of Ornette Coleman is of importance due to its free form improvisational nature and its similarity to my use of color in all mediums. 

My recent return to the mountains of Colorado and Rocky National park has given me a chance to examine, through watercolor painting and drawing, nature's psyche and its place in the foundation of all quantum way media usage.

Welcome to the Quantum Art of David W. McCullough

There's much to see here in my 48 years of art making.  So, take your time, look around, and learn from my quantum approach to art through music, nature, poetry, and a wide range of water based mediums. I hope this visual representation of my quantum quests as a multi - discipline artist gives you a sense of my development of a new kind of  audio - visual color energy kinaesthetic learning experience.

Artist's Life

Artist Statement

 DAVID W. MCCULLOUGH - For the past forty eight years my paintings, sculpture, and works on paper have been concerned with describing the phenomenon of light in nature from an audio - visual perspective. I have hiked and created art in National Parks throughout the U.S.A., especially the Southwest ‘canyon circle’ area of the Four Corners area (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado )parks notating their seasonal color changes and geological formations. I have used these field trips in the National Park system to explore and notate nature's colorful holistic psyche and geological spirit through the mediums of watercolor, drawing, and photography. These notations are the foundation stones of all my abstract studio compositions. I have used these nature insights to instill into my Taoist vision of art a special quality of coloration that best describes her spirit and sacred character.  I have made many comparative studies of the Earth's holistic psyche and its geological spirit in our ecosystem, as well as rock painting sites. for example, the Australian Northern Territory outback, where I made watercolors, drawings, and photographs at sacred Aboriginal sites in Kakadu National Park in the Arnhem land with my field notations from Southwest U.S.A. national parks in the 'Four Corners' region, where I recorded the holistic earth energy rhythms at Native American sacred sites. My ethnographic studies of the sacred nature of the Native American and Aboriginal traditions and their stories, as well as their pictographic rock art depictions have informed the imagery and chemistry of my abstractions in many ways. I always paint on the ground at each site directly to music from cultures all over the world, especially American Jazz. My fellow musicians have assisted me in feeling, expressing, and interpreting through the watercolor medium nature's sacred colorful ordering systems in a sonic lyrical manner. These influential audio - visual insights have infused all my studio art works with a cosmological significance and special color filled sonic energy. All my studio art works reflect the poetic recordings of these sacred locations and their geological and botanical micro/macro spirit world. The poetic nature of these feelings, aesthetic character of the field art works, and musical insights are all woven into the patterns, geomantic order, and compositions of all my art works in every combination of mediums. I have cross referenced knowledge from mythology, the earth sciences (mineralogy, crystallography, and sacred geometry), quantum physics and bio - physics with music, art, and poetry sources in order to map out new states of consciousness I can use to process new alchemical color medium systems. These science and nature insights have empowered my art works with a dynamic visual - sonic presence  My most recent painting adventure was in Northern India, Rishikesh and their Northern Himalayan mountain ranges, where I recorded the Hindu cultural operating system and experienced their 'Diwalli Festival of Light'.  

Art Mediums and Processes

As a multi - disciplinary 'Quantum' artist I use many different mediums to formulate the chemistry and physics of the optical nature of my art works in painting, sculpture, watercolor, collage, ceramics, and digital mixed media.  Music (Jazz, rock, and world) is utilized to assist me in all the various processing of art materials. Each discipline calls for the creation of different materials and techniques. Also trained as a print-maker, I use the commercial print resources in my community to translate one medium to another and construct new combinations and media explorations.  Color is the main ingredient that synthesizes through music the application of various combinations. Like 'Free Jazz' my art relies on improvisation to inspire its aesthetic potential and soulful presence. 

Quantum Art

 Introduction to Quantum Art Aesthetic mapping of creative consciousness:  This is a personal aesthetic quest to find the meaning of spirit and soul in my art making processes and the basis of the creative consciousness that inhibits them. This search for an understanding of the intuitional basis of my art has led me to construct metaphorical relationships that have the ability to expand the dynamic qualities of creativity and widen the field of new discoveries. My aesthetic navigational need to travel back in time or the 'taking of the quantum leap ' backward allowed me to challenge many of the conceptions of how I had retained the conscious awareness I was born with and into through the lives of my parents, place of birth, and cultural heritage.  By using the 'navigational' metaphor I could develop a 'mapping strategy' to discover what were the important effects of life connections I had inherited. This process of mapping became a way of using it to as a metaphor to explore the question, "what is the meta - for? in order to keep the big creative picture in focus. I took the mapping metaphor into play with my need to navigate the cultural avenues, influences, and aesthetic pathways and gave it a M.A.P. identity that its letters represented a cultural formula of M for music, A for art, and P for poetry. These three art forms became the beginning of my cultural navigation of creative consciousness. This triad was expanded to the research also of connections in other disciplines such as the science of epigenetic,  biology, biophysics, physics, ecology, chemistry, sacred geometry and water  research. The M.A.P. strategy and use of a wide range of insights from the sciences directed me to the people, places. and technology needed to further my search for new ways of processing creative intelligence.  This knowledge is for creative individuals who would like to expand their horizons and trust their intuitional sense of awareness. each artist must map out and navigate their own strategy and processes of creative discovery. I was eventually led by these mapping methods after many years of exploring to the realization that the insights I came to embrace from them, nature and the teachings of physicists and biophysicists needed to be solidified into an aesthetic approach that had depth, fluidity, and one key element that would keep my search for the use of creative consciousness quantitatively coherent, water.   

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Future Exhibitions

March 2018 - Dallas Episcopal Cathedral Art Gallery  Retrospective - all mediums 

Spring 2018 - DM Art Studio Exhibit of new paintings, sculpture, collage, watercolor, and ceramic mixed media

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